Familie Filopoulos

Ein kleiner Einblick von Dimitris Filopoulos:

„Greetings from Kalamata, where the production of olive oil is a significant part of our local history and culture. I am the fifth generation of olive oil producers in my family and as the tradition commands, working in the fields has been established since I was a child. The love for olive oil production has passed through the generations, because olive oil, due to its high nutrition value, has been the vital product not only for local villagers, but for the Greek people in general, in order to survive during the hard times of Greece’s history. Our fields are located in the village of Neromylos and contain 600 olive trees of the “Koroneiki” variety, providing us with about 1500 kilos of extra virgin olive oil per year. Eliminating the use of chemicals makes our olive oil biological, but without a bio certification yet. As my father retired three years ago, I am looking forward to upgrading our production and exportation opportunities and achieve his ambitions.“

Dimitris Filopoulos